Obsidian Wand Pendant with 24 Facets Set in 990 Silver


Size: 2-1/4 x 3/4 Inches
Energetic Properties: Root Chakra • Grounding • Protection from Negative Energy

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Black Obsidian Wand Pendant
Set in Sterling Silver

Sleek and beautiful, Black Obsidian carved into a 24-faceted wand generator pendant.

This large Black Obsidian pendant measures 2-1/4" in length, 3/4" wide. Suspended in a 990 Silver setting that makes it an effective dowsing tool should you choose to use it as a pendulum.

We also included an 18" black pleather necklace but if you prefer a Sterling Silver chain of your choice, please attach a note to your cart or contact us.

Black Obsidian is a powerful grounding stone and a potent cleanser of negative energies within your auric field. It's a protective stone that repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attacks.  

A stabilizing stone, Obsidian is also known for its truth-enhancing power. A naturally occurring volcanic glass that cooled very quickly, Obsidian is not a classic Quartz Crystal but a naturally occurring glass. It can form a barrier against negativity and help block psychic attack. It’s often used to absorb negative energy from the surrounding environment.

Obsidian is also used to stimulate the Root Chakra, harmonizing and balancing with the other energies in the body and creating a connection to the deeper layers of our Mother Earth. Use it to delve into the deeper soul and body connection, soul clarity and clearing blockages and negative energy from the past.

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Silver radiates the energy of the Moon and is known to enhance its powers, especially during the full and new moon. As the metal of emotional energies, silver aligns with the yin and the Divine Feminine. Sterling Silver enhances the connection between you and the stone, smoothing the flow of energy between you and your healing crystal.

Silver enhances & stimulates your psychic awareness and abilities while it intensifies the energies surrounding love, compassion, patience, and nurturing. Silver enhances the connection between you and the stone, smoothing the flow of energy between you and this healing crystal pendant.