Dowsing Rods - Small Stainless Steel

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Dowsing rods have been most commonly associated with the detection of water.  The flow of water creates an energy field that can be detected by the rods.  The human energy field is the same.  In workshops conducted by the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts it is commonplace to demonstrate the effects of negative and positive thoughts on the human aura or energy field. 

These small stainless steel dowsers are a wonderful companion to use any time you would like to check for an energy field and its health.  Human energy fields are healthy when the auric field is detected to be approximately at the tips of the fingers of an outstretched arm.  If you find that someone's energy field needs a boost, crystals or positive thoughts of love can be sent in their direction for the boost to occur. 

The rods are fun to use for demonstrations, with children and adults alike. Comes with directions.