Labradorite Pendant Set in 925 Sterling Silver


Size: 3/4 x 5/8 x 1/8 Inches
Energetic Properties: Third Eye & Crown Chakras • Balance Aura • Protection • Intuition • Psychic Connections

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Natural Flash Labradorite Pendant
Set in 925 Sterling Silver

Flash Labradorite is magical and mystical visually as well as energetically. This oval-cut stone makes for a simple yet striking pendant necklace.

Labradorite is a member of the Feldspar family of gemstones. It displays beautiful iridescent flashes of color as you move the stone into the light.

Each flash can remind us to connect to the magic of life. It's thought to be a stone of transformation and is useful during times of change. It can help to balance the aura and to align and balance all the chakra system making it a powerful stone for protection and for sealing energy leaks. Labradorite enhances one's intuition and psychic connections making it the perfect companion for Third Eye Chakra work.

A cabochon is a gemstone that’s been shaped and polished vs faceted and polished. It’s a powerful form for introspective metaphysical work, especially reflection, clarity, and intention.

The stone is 3/4" x 5/8" x 1/8" set in a substantial setting and hangs from a 18" Sterling Silver box chain. Comes well-packaged in a black velvet gift box. 


Third Eye