The Astral Plane Meditation with 432 Hz Crystal Singing Bowls Time 25:54

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The Astral Plane ~ A Dimension With Endless Beauty
Crystal Singing Bowls and Spoken Meditation by Russell Forsyth
Total Time 25:54

The Astral Plane Meditation delivers the perfect amount of 432 Hz Crystal Singing Bowls' sounds with a journey through the imagination. With opening imagery designed to go through nature to safely enter to the Astral Plane, you'll walk through a portal to another dimension where all manifestation is possible. You will easily drop-in to a relaxed meditative state as you stretch out on a rainbow pillow.

The sound vibrations will create a prism of light-filled energy for the body, mind, and spirit. This meditation will place you on the bridge between the physical and the spiritual realms as you open the door to healing love.

Originally created for Crystal Bed Therapy, we are now offering this product to the general public. Perfect for children or anyone who can use their imagination to bring order to their Universe. Ideal for those with a fast-paced lifestyle who need a brief yet effective method that addresses any loss of self or simply wanting to balance the energy within ... this meditation is designed for you.  

Using intentions to begin the meditation makes you the zen archer hitting your target. Intentions are important in that they represent your heart’s connection to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. The use of intention puts you in command of your natural ability to heal, which every person possesses.

Using the meditations without intention can be fun, but for best results we recommend taking a moment to express your needs or desires. You can write them down for clarity, but intentions are best expressed through thoughts that enter the heart through breath. Take a moment to clear your mind and express your intent in a way that feels warm mint the heart. Create a visual that helps drop the intention into the heart.

My intention is to...
・clear any negative energy
・open my heart to love 
・fill every cell in my body with light
・clear, charge, and balance my energy centers
・feel connected to divinity 
・release all tension in the body
・return to normalized sleeping patterns
・heal any part of my soul that has been affected by trauma
・release any agreements or contracts that influence an imbalance
・remove anything that influences anger, negative or unwanted thoughts
・cut any cords of negative attachment
・manifest wellness in the body, mind, and spirit
・trade all pain in the body for peace 
・integrate and transform these new frequencies with grace and ease
・change any conditions needed to bring wellness
・experience a positive shift and a beneficial result
・raise my life-force energy
・transform my life to align with my core purpose
・manifest my dream job.

The more creative your intentions, the better the results can be! 

Russell Forsyth has dedicated his life to helping others heal from energetic imbalances. This meditation is a tool that he created with the intention of helping you to help yourself. Russell's soothing voice along with the magical sounds of the 432hz Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls, will help guide you to a place of healing.

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