Gold Plated Neodymium Therapy Magnets (5-pack)

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The ¾ inch Neodymium Magnet disc is an N-50 powered rare earth magnet. This magnet is best used for bruises, back aches, muscle pain, tendonitis, poor circulation and more. This magnet provides 4000 gauss surface strength with a penetration of approximately 3 inches into the skin. Neodymium or rare earth magnets have the highest magnetic strength of their kind. Therefore you will see the more benefit from using a Neodymium magnet verses a ceramic magnet. This 3/4" Neodymium magnet can be used anywhere on your body from the neck down.  They can safely be put in place with any type of medical tape.

Neodymium N-50 magnet product information: 
Our Neodymium N-50 strength Gold plated magnets are the highest quality made in the world. Three plating processes (Ni/Cr/Ni) are applied before the final Gold plating is initiated. The Neodymium Rare Earth magnet is made with Neodymium powder, Boron powder, and Ferrite powder, providing the highest amount of energy of any magnet of a comparable size, and the N-50 is the most powerful grade and the most expensive to manufacture in the Neodymium family! Our magnets also include an indention mark on the Bio South (+) side of the magnet to identify the side of the magnet that goes away from the skin. 
Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet Discs / Includes :

  • Package of five (5)
  • 3/4" diameter by 2mm thick spot magnets
  • 4000 Gauss Surface Strength Neodymium N-50 Gold plated Spot Magnets.
  • The strongest health magnets manufactured in the world.
  • These Neodymium Magnet Disc are perfect for precise application of magnetic energy for bruises, sprains, aches and pain

Note: These magnets are not to be used with pacemakers or other electronic devices or with women that are pregnant.