Natural Pietersite Bracelet

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Natural Starlight Pietersite Pendant
Set in 990 Silver 

A highly-polished multi-colored Pietersite, a quartz-family aggregate made of primarily Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye. Each bracelet contains 22-8mm beads.

Like Tiger’s Eye (a component of the stone), Pietersite is "simple chatoyant”, a result of parallel silky, microscopic needle-like inclusions that are somewhat disorganized or chaotic. This apparent chaotic swirling of colors and streaks is called “brecciation” and is one of the key features that makes Pietersite different from Tiger’s Eye.

Known as the “Tempest Stone” due to its whirling colors that resemble a storm, Pietersite is a very powerful stone that activates and clears our Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras. Especially effective during meditation, it’s believed to expand our vision and clarify our intuition increasing our perception of the many opportunities and results that lay before us.

Peitersite can also work to protect against negative energies and emotional unrest. It’s thought to provide cleansing of the auric body, bringing calm and a stronger self confidence and personal will. Pietersite helps clear deeply embedded energies, habits and life patterns and it especially beneficial to creatives and energy healers who may lack confidence in their ability to create abundance.

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