"Crown Jewel" Wire-Wrap Pendant

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Size 1-1/3 x 7/8 x 1/4 Inches
Energetic Properties Third Eye Chakra • Intuition • Peace • Protection • Calming
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James Storck Jewelry Designs
"Crown Jewel" Pendant

Embrace the captivating beauty and powerful energy of the "Crown Jewel" pendant, a stunning creation from James Storck Jewelry Designs.

We're excited to offer our new wire-wrapped collection, meticulously and purposefully designed by James Storck. Drawing inspiration from nature, this extraordinary line combines beauty and synergy in perfect harmony. Every pendant embodies artistic individuality, meticulously crafted to reflect a unique presentation. Even the back of these pendants exudes sophistication, making them truly exceptional.

This pendant features three eye-catching Amethyst stones, a stone renowned for its calming energy and connection to the Third Eye Chakra. Believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, Amethyst promotes peace, happiness, and spiritual protection. 

Handcrafted Excellence

  • The "Crown Jewel" pendant is meticulously crafted by James Storck, showcasing exceptional artistry and intricate wirework in Sterling Silver.
  • The substantial size (1-1/3" x 7/8" x 1/4”) with a total weight of 8.5 grams makes a bright statement that reflects your inner light.
  • Meticulous craftsmanship is apparent in every detail that speaks to James Storck's dedication and artistry.
  • The pendant comes with a sleek 20" black cord, so you can start radiating confidence and positive vibes right away.

More Than an Accessory

  • The "Crown Jewel" pendant isn't just beautiful; it's a tool for self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Own a piece of art that reflects your unique spirit and empowers you to embrace your full potential.
  • Amethyst's energy is believed to bring peace, clarity, and protection, making the "Crown Jewel" a talisman for your well-being.

Every beautifully-polished Amethyst cabachon stone in this pendant is carefully wrapped in the finest Sterling Silver wire, ensuring a luxurious and elegant finish. With its generous size, this pendant is guaranteed to capture attention.

Elevate your style with the elegance of wire-wrapped jewelry. Indulge in the allure of a Crown Jewelry Pendant and experience the artistic expression that sets you apart from the rest.

The images showcase the actual product, ensuring that what you see is precisely what you get. Embrace luxury and timeless beauty with the "Crown Jewel" Pendant by James Storck Jewelry Designs — pure opulence at its finest.


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