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Remote Healing with a Custom Crystal Bed

Crystal Harmonic Bed

One of the most amazing features of a Custom Crystal Bed is the ability to use the device remotely.

Nikola Tesla said electricity is like an incompressible fluid, it can neither be produced nor destroyed. Ether and electricity are one associated with matter, but ether is not air, it is neutral energy that surrounds you. Static electricity is ether connecting to molecules. Equalization of ether tensions, sets up ether movement of electric current flow.

Dr. Marcel Vogel proved this theory on the IBM laboratories measuring energy traveling from his experiment in California to his location in Prague Czechoslovakia. 

This is one of the major theories around the way energy travels to different locations around the globe. Using the release of energy generated through thoughts, amplified through the crystal bed, and directing the energy to a specific person, remote healing is accomplished. It is recommended to use a photo image, the person’s full name, birthdate, place of birth, and location when performing the Crystal Bed Therapy remotely (covered in the online training courses included with your purchase). Remote energy balancing can be profound, effective, and lasting, while eliminating any unhealthy human energy transfers that can occur face-to-face.  

You can also use Crystal Bed Therapy process over the phone or through a video call, which can also be extremely effective. Follow the same procedure as you would with an in-person session. As Dr. Vogel discovered through laboratory experiments, the most critical element for healing is the energy of love which can travel through ether to reach the intended destination.