Custom Crystal Bed Remote Healing Title

Remote energy healing can be described as the process of energy balancing with a person who is not located in the same room. Energy travels through the magnetic domain referred to as ether.

Research scientists such as Dr. Marcel Vogel and physicists such as Nikola Tesla proved that energy can be transferred through ether to arrive anywhere on the planet and beyond.


This type of energy transfer can be done with people in the same city, or on the other side of the world. The process involves the practitioner engaging in remote viewing, which is a method used to scan the energy of a person to assess any feature that is causing a negative pattern or effect. The remote viewing allows for an assessment of energy to be done, in order to have the proper focus that fits the needs of the client.


Custom Crystal Bed Remote Healing


Remote Energy Healing – Methods Used

Using remote methods for energy healing can be powerful, in that you are not mixing energies between the client and the practitioner. Some remote sessions are done when the client is sleeping, in order to allow for the most peaceful transmission of energy. Others are done at a specific time, that allows the client to have full awareness while receiving the energy balancing treatment.


Remote Sessions Using the Custom Crystal Bed

The most effective remote sessions use the Custom Crystal Bed at a scheduled time when the client is laying down, relaxed, open, and ready to receive the energy. In order to do an assessment to determine the focus and potential effectiveness of remote work, a photo is needed along with birthdate, current location of the client, and the permission of the person needing the service.