Soul Retrieval Meditation Time 42:13

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Soul Retrieval, Bringing Back the Part of You That Went Missing
Singing Bowls and Spoken Meditation by Russell Forsyth
Time 42:13

Soul Retrieval is one of the most ancient and effective method of holistic healing. Human energy fractures under the stress of a traumatic experience. Sensitive people often leave a part of themselves behind during intense experiences that others would not consider traumatic.

This meditation guides you on a journey of healing to welcome any part of you that is remote back into your mind/body space. Strong intentions and the ability to open your heart to receive the energy of love, would provide the stabilizing force of spiritual healing from the experiences of the past.

Originally created for Crystal Bed Therapy, we are now offering this product to the general public.  

Using intentions to begin the meditation makes you the zen archer hitting your target. Intentions are important in that they represent your heart’s connection to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. The use of intention puts you in command of your natural ability to heal, which every person possesses. Using this meditation with clearly defined intention to bring back all the missing pieces will greatly enhance the likelyhood that the Soul Retrieval will be fully successful. 

Russell Forsyth has dedicated his life to helping others heal from energetic imbalances.  This meditation is a tool that he created with the intention of helping you to help yourself.  Russell's soothing voice along with the magical sounds of the 432hz Crystal Singing bowls, will help guide you to a place of healing.

Time 42:13 (5 minutes of bowls on each of the 7 chakra notes)

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