What They're Saying

Variety of Healing Crystals

~ T.R. (WA, USA)

Beckie, the crystal made it just fine! It is more amazing in person.

The veil is beautifully used. Whoever cut it took great care. 

Perfect timing as I will take it with me to the practitioner's class where we are using the crystal. Holding it last night was a connection. It was warm in my hand. I am sharing your site at class.

The print out in the box was an added bonus!  To begin that connection immediately!


~ S.D.L. (USA)

The Vogel 16 looks amazing. ...  I've been looking for something with a higher number of facets recently and the lines on that 16 are off the chart.  After seeing it I was hopeful, but of course it needed to be tested.

I've seen other high-facet Vogels on your site that look amazing, but didn't test well for me. When I got home last night I tested the 16 and it was the strongest reaction of any crystal I've ever tested. It's a big purchase, but I'm so excited to start working with it. The pictures you have almost look fake, the lines are so clean.

Thanks again for producing these amazing pieces and keep up the great work!!


Row of Healing Crystals

~ B.T. (NY, USA)

Just wanted to follow up and say how much I'm loving this Angel Pendent!

Some meditation practices I do involve clearing the central channel and bring in light through the top of the head, down through the central channel into the ground.

I've found that holding a Vogel in a vertical position helps this, but wearing this angel pendent (it's naturally in a vertical orientation) also adds to this flow.


~ S. L. (CA, USA)

Soooo excited this beauty arrived today!

It’s an authentic Vogel crystal that I purchased from @crystallightsound after watching their Vogel pendants for well over a year, waiting for the one that called out to me!

Pictures don’t do it justice! The color range it makes is beautiful, and the energy of the crystal itself is pure & powerful! 


~ E. W. (USA) 

Dear Beckie,

Wanted to let you know that your angel messenger was working overtime delivering my Vogel Crystal on my birthday!

It’s beauty is beyond words. My heart was palpitating so hard as I cut away the last layer of protective wrapping finally getting to the case where this beautiful being resides. 

Thank you so much for the time you spent with me on the phone and assuring me that we both belong together. 

I’m excited to start the course work and to experience the healing that it is meant to share. 


~J.C. (CA, USA) 
July Blessings beautiful soul!
I received the bowl just in time. What a beautiful bowl!
It was well packed! It blended absolutely beautifully!!!! They even was saved thanks to you!!!!
I want to thank you so much for the Magic you put into it. From now on YOU are my supply!!!  That bowl is quality! You were so right & I’m so grateful.  


~D.K. (CA, USA)

I LOVE MY CRYSTAL❣️ A large very pale Smoky Quartz ... which has a little citrine vibe to it to ... Thank you Becky❣️

Your patience & help were amazing — very happy with finally getting it.