The IEL Institute "Sound Vibration Therapy Training" Course

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Learn how to play Crystal Singing Bowls to effectively apply their vibrational healing to yourself or others.

Crystal Singing Bowls

This free online "Sound Vibrational Course" includes 12 tutorial videos and a detailed companion PDF booklet. Essential topics for learning how to use Crystal Singing Bowls as beneficial energy healing tools:
• Intro to Sound Healing
• Benefits of Sound Healing
• Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
• How to Play a Crystal Singing Bowl Part 1
• How to Play a Crystal Singing Bowl Part 2
• 440 Hz versus 432 Hz
• Binaural Beats

The IEL Institute for Energy Practitioners

If you're currently a practicing energy healer or if you're interested in starting a practice or even expanding your current practice, the IEL Institute offers a comprehensive program covering intuitive reading, energy healing, medical intuitive services and excelling as a modern shaman.

Within our extensive Training Program, you'll receive nurturing support and ample content including over 120 videos and certifications in over 20 areas of energy healing.

Please visit the IEL Institute website to find out more.  Feel free to contact us, we'd love to visit with you and answer all your questions: (512) 999-8478