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The Star of David Metaphysical Meaning

Star of David

The Star of David, one of the most sacred ancient symbols in human  history, is a holy symbol in the Jewish tradition as well as many other cultures and religious traditions. 

The hexagon shape symbolizes the union of opposites that creates life itself: the fusing of male and female, of heaven and earth, and of light and darkness.

Sometimes referred to as the “Merkaba Vehicle” (the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms), the Star of David is a multidimensional vehicle used to strengthen our connection with Source. It allows incarnation to and from the spiritual plane into earthly experience.


An energetic flow is created by the overlap of an upright triangle on one side of the crystal and an inverted triangle on the opposite side.

First developed by Marcel Vogel, the cut of the Vogel Star of David combines the spiritual properties of the ancient symbol with the unique properties of Quartz Crystal. This unique cut results from the special faceting of the Quartz Crystal that creates the six-sided star.

Marcel Vogel was an inventive, accomplished IBM scientist focused on refraction and reflection. His life’s work cumulated into scientific proofs regarding energy flow, the effects on the human aura, the role of crystals in healing, remote healing energy, and the limitless power of the human mind. Read more about Marcel here.

How to Wear a Star of David

Female Triangle Graphic  Female Energy  Female Triangle Graphic
With the female side against your body, the crystal will: 
• draw prana (life force) from you, 
• fill it with peace, well-being, and love (your crystal’s program), 
• amplify these qualities & radiating them into your aura. 

sod-male-triangle-small-blue.png  Male Energy  Male Triangle Graphic
Wearing the male side against your body, the crystal will:
• draw in prana from your environment, 
• fill the crystal with peace, well-being and love then 
• radiate this life force into your body.