Clear Quartz Crystal Wand Generator with 48 Facets, 289g


Size: 5 x 1-5/8 to 1/25" Inches
Energetic Properties: All Chakras • Clarify & Align Intentions • Manifestation • Intuition

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"Manifestation" Crystal Wand Generator
Vogel Inspired Cut with 48 Facets

This is a finely faceted, 99.9% water-clear natural Clear Quartz Wand Generator features 48 facets. A very powerful and potent crystal healing wand, this substantial wand fits nicely in your hand for manifesting with intention, extraction of unwanted energies, and enhancing meditations and connections to higher realms of consciousness.

The inner landscape of this fine crystal contains a very small inclusion, evidence of its growth in nature. I've shown this in the images. This in no way inhibits the energy flow through this magnificent crystal wand; the energy moves quickly and smoothly through this energy healing device.

This large crystal measures 5" in length and tapers from 1-5/8" to 1/25" in width. Includes custom carrying case for the crystal's protection.

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Clear Quartz Crystal is considered a universal healing stone that can link to the energy of all chakras helping to amplify, purify and program your intentions. A universal energy channeler, Clear Quartz balances and focuses thoughts and intentions. Very beneficial for healing, manifesting, meditation and channeling. Will help to open your mind and heart to receive guiding energies. Amplifies intentions and the energy as programmed.  

A GIFT of GRATITUDE from us to you with your purchase of this amazing Crystal Wand Generator:
Free access to The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts and 3.1 Crystal Therapy Home Study Training Course, a $149 value. 

The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts training program is designed specifically for energy practitioners and healers as well as for individual study. This "Crystal Therapy" course includes 12 tutorial videos and a companion PDF file that include essential topics in using crystal wands as effective energy healing tools:  

・Introduction to Crystals
・How Crystals Work
・Vogel Crystals
・The Science of Crystals
・Clearing, Programming and Charging the Crystal
・Crystal Release
・Step-by-step Crystal Release Process Part 1
・Step-by-step Crystal Release Process Part 2
・Self Release
・Functional Integration
・Minds Eye Clearing
・Remote Healing

The tips of finely cut crystal wands are extremely delicate (and sharp!). The majority of damage to crystal wands typically occurs in the top 1/8” of the tip. Please avoid any contact with the tops of the tips of both male and female ends. In the event of a break, a crystal wand can often be repaired. Repair costs start at $50. Please contact us for more information.


5 x 1-5/8 to 1/25" Inches
Energetic Properties:
All Chakras • Clarify & Align Intentions • Manifestation • Intuition