Care & Handling of Your Crystal Singing Bowls

Your Crystal Singing Bowl is finest crystal singing bowls available on the market today.  These high vibrational singing bowls are tuned to frequencies within the human body to assist you in aligning your energy centers (Chakras).  Balanced energy centers promote health of mind, body and spirit.

How to Handle
• Handle your Crystal Singing Bowls with care. Crystal Singing Bowls are delicate and can actually shatter if played too strongly. 
• Your Crystal Singing Bowls are premium-quality yet fragile instruments. Giving them proper care and handling will provide beautiful healing tones and harmonics for a lifetime. 
• Always handle your bowls with gentle care and take special precautions while transporting or storing. 

How To Clean

• Use distilled water with a few drops of mild dishwashing soap and a soft white cloth. T-shirt material works well. 
• To clean spots, you can apply the solution with a soft bristle brush. 

• Use clear, cool water to rinse your bowl.

• Dry with a blow dryer on a very low setting.
• Do not place in a dishwasher - this will cause the bowl to stop singing.

Good to Know

• Please play gently. 
• The bowl will create a full and sustained tone with a gentle pressure at the right angle.
Overly intense vibrations created by playing the bowl too loudly or too close to another bowl may cause the bowl to shatter. We do not warranty any bowl resulting from bowl shatter.
• Always use a ring on a flat surface to stabilize your bowl.
• Avoid hitting the bowl hard with the striker as it could crack. We've seen this happen.
During rim singing, don't allow your bowl to over modulate by playing too loud. This can also crack the bowl. You'll know when this happens as the vibrations will increase in intensity and the singing sound will become screechy.
• Take care not to drop the striker into the bowl.
• Do not put the bowl in the dishwasher to clean. 
• Be mindful of how close the bowls are to one another when playing. Place your bowls a few inches apart.  
• Please don't put your head in the bowl when it’s playing.