Tanzine Aura Angelic Star Crystal Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Size 1 x 1/8 Inch
Energetic Properties Third Eye & Crown Chakras • High Vibe • Soothing • Communication
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Tools for Evolution Collection
Tanzine Aura Angelic Star™ Crystal Pendant 
Set in Sterling Silver

A unique pendant from the Tools for Evolution Collection. The deep violet of Tanzine Aura helps to relax and de-stress while increasing communication. It’s also one of the most powerful stones to help you reveal your latent psychic abilities and enhance your conscious connection to spirit.

Measures 1" on each side and 1/8" in depth. Set in 925 Sterling Silver and hangs from an 18" Sterling box chain. Comes in a black velvet gift box.

Tanzine Aura combined with the Angelic Star crystal cut is used to relax stress and help increase communication. It’s especially helpful for intuitives, shamans, readers, mediums, channelers, healers - as well as anyone who wishes to become clearer in subtle perceptions. 

The Angelic Star™ is a unique cut that combines metaphysical principles with the wisdom of the Cosmos. A powerful tool for spiritual growth and understanding, the multidimensional design of the Angelic Star naturally creates new patterns of energy flow and relationship. Assists in healing, meditation, manifestation, and accessing insight and information.

This beautiful bright blue color of the Tanzine Aura doesn't occur naturally. It's the result of a specific treatment process in which the crystal is first superheated then finely vaporized gold and Indium is bonded to the stone's surface. Although it’s created by a scientific process, Tanzine Aura is a permanently changed Quartz Crystal. In fact, the process actually has a positive effect on the stone. The Tanzine Aura Quartz Crystals have very powerful metaphysical properties partly because they are Quartz Crystals, but also because of the layer of fine gold and Indium that covers the stone.

Handcrafted in the USA

Also includes clearing and programming directions as prescribed by Marcel Vogel.


Tanzine Aura
Third Eye