Tibetan Blue Obsidian Radiant Heart Pendant

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Size Stone is 5/8 Inch
Energetic Properties Throat Chakra • Serenity • Patience • Divination Insights • Creativity
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Tibetan Blue Obsidian Pendant
Radiant Heart
Set in Sterling Silver

This striking blue Radiant Heart™ from the Tools for Evolution Collection sparkles and shines. 

Natural Tibetan Blue Obsidian is found along the banks of the Yarlung Zangbo River in Tibet. Useful in cultivating serenity and patience. Helpful in the pursuits of divination insight and the correction of misinterpretation. This stone is also a good tool for cleansing of negative mental influence.

The Radiant Heart™ is an evolutionary tool to assist us in expanding our ability to create and hold unconditional love so that we may "crystallize" the wisdom of the One Heart that unites all of life in Love.  Attunes us to the vibration of Unconditional Love to claim this more fully in our lives. 

The stone is 16mm (5/8") and set in Sterling Silver and includes an 18" Sterling Silver chain. This piece comes nicely packaged in a black velvet gift box. Includes clearing and programming instructions as prescribed by Marcel Vogel.