Brazilian Quartz Crystal Sculpture "Descending Through Clouds" by Lawrence Stoller

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"Descending Thorough Clouds"
Quartz Sculpture By Lawrence Stoller

Large, radiant, custom-sculpted Brazilian Clear Quartz Crystal Sculpture. This stunning yet soothing artwork also acts as a healing energy generator. The sculpted Clear Quartz Crystal includes gorgeous wispy, cloud-like veils and a sprinkling of chlorite chips. The crystal is carefully placed on a custom lighted, cast bronze base. Both pieces, crystal and base, are separate but custom-formed to fit perfectly together. 

Each face of the crystal is exquisitely polished forming a window into the internal landscape of this one-of-a-kind Clear Quartz Crystal Sculpture. Designed and sculpted by world-renowned lapidary artist, Lawrence Stoller of Bend, Oregon. 

"The function of Beauty is to feel
Wonder and majesty,
Inspiration and enchantment,
Joy and peace,
All at the same time."
~Lawrence Stoller


Total Height: 15" (Crystal sculpture and lighted bronze base are separate pieces)

Quartz Crystal:
Weight 11.5 lbs.
Circumference 19""
Width 7"
Depth 7.5"

Circumference 19"
Height 5-6"

As Lawrence writes:
Many of the crystals lying on my desk, a table, or shelves are greatly enhanced when mounted on a complementary base. In my early days as a crystal cutter, I had no interest in doing bases, though whenever I put a crystal to light, the full majesty of its interior ignited. It may have something to do with the polarity of the two media: minerals are among the densest matter on earth, and visible light among the “lightest” waveforms in the universe.

When light enters the dense but transparent gemstone, substance and illumination collide, oscillate, and integrate all at once. By beaming a halogen light into the crystal, it appears bigger, more articulated, more alive. Directing light into a crystal or gem is comparable to when we humans feel joy. Looking into the illuminated crystal is like getting to know who someone really is, as opposed to having only a first impression. The light reveals who lives inside.

This is a substantial, museum quality sculpture. Artist authentication included. Masterfully hand sculpted in the U.S.A.

Stoller Artist Authentication


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