Perfect Pitch Crystal Singing Bowls 8-Bowl Chakra Set 432 Hz 14"- 7"

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Finest Premium Quality Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls 
8-Bowl Chakra Set
Perfect Pitch 432 Hz (14"-7")

Includes 8 Perfect Pitch 432hz Crystal Singing Bowls with rubber rings and strikers.   

We sell only the finest pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. These luminous, beautiful frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls emit a pure, expansive sound that resonates to bring balance and harmony. Rounded, pure white and light-filled, these singing bowls produce full, smooth tones that blend with powerful universal harmonies. When these bowls are played it brings you to a place of peace and grounding, promoting complete wellness in mind and spirit.  

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Crystal Singing Bowls emit life force energy, much like the sun. This energy activates light and from this light, our consciousness is enhanced and expanded allowing for personal awakening at a DNA level. Using your intuition is the best way to choose a bowl that resonates with your needs and desires. Intentions, emotions and feelings are enhanced with the playing of crystal singing bowls. 


With your purchase of any Singing Bowl, you'll receive FREE access to the 
Sound Vibration Therapy Online Training Module
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Our physical bodies are 65-70% water. The vibrations of crystal singing bowls penetrate our bodies as well as our hearts. When played with intention and good technique, these crystal singing bowls bring peace, grounding, stability in our minds and spirits. 

This fine-quality pure Quartz Crystal Singing 8-Bowl Set is ideal for energy practitioners and for your own personal healing. For fine-quality accessories to bring out the purest tone from your crystal singing bowls, please see our Crystal Bowl Accessories.

We specialize in 432 Hz for its soothing energetic tone. Available frequencies include 440 Hz, 528 Hz and other frequencies as well as perfect pitch. Please contact us for more information. 

This Premium Frosted Crystal Bowl Set includes all whole notes in the 4th octave, C to C, completing a full C-major scale and aligning with all of the major chakras:
14" C Note (Root Chakra)
13" D Note (Sacral Chakra)
12" E Note (Solar Plexus Chakra)
11" F Note (Heart Chakra)
10" G Note (Throat Chakra)
9"  A Note (Third Eye Chakra)
8"  B Note (Crown Chakra)
7"  C  Note (Root Chakra)


Clear Quartz
Solar Plexus
Third Eye