Strawberry Quartz Crystal Pendulum with Silver Setting


Size: Stone: 2 Inches Long
Energetic Properties: “Love Stone” • Heart Chakra • All Kinds of Love

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Natural Strawberry Quartz Pendulum
990 Sterling Silver

Lovely natural Strawberry Quartz Crystal Pendulum with 990 silver. The pendulum hangs from a 8" silver chain adorned by a silver bead and a Strawberry Quartz bead.

Strawberry Quartz is considered a "Love Stone” and carries the vibrational energies of love aligning with the heart chakra. Love of self and others comes easily when working with Strawberry Quartz.  

Dowsing using a pendulum is an ancient form of channeling.  The act of dowsing can bring your mind to an alpha state and sharpen your focus as a way to easily connect with spirit in order to attain information. A pendulum works with vibrations and movement of energy which is why dowsers have been used for centuries to find water below the surface.

Pendulums can be a valuable tool in gaining insights into the mysteries of life. Each of our pendulums comes nicely packaged in a velvet bag along with information and directions on clearing, programming and using your pendulum. 

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Strawberry Quartz