Yellow Jade Mala Beads, 108 - 8mm Beads

Size: 108-8mm Beads
Energetic Properties: Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras • Wisdom • Manifestation • Joy
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Yellow Jade Mala with 108 8mm beads

Known as a Stone of Wisdom and Manifestation.  Aligns with the Sacral and Solar plexus bringing forth the radiance of joy and warmth of sunshine.  Yellow Jade is associated with our sun and Mars, motivating us to reach our most lofty goals.  It is also belived to attract abundance as it releases blocks. 

A Mala is a string of beads is used to count mantras. Mala beads are an ancient tool that was developed to keep the mind focused on the practice of meditation. Mala beads are seen in other cultures and religions and are related to rosary beads and worry beads. Mala beads are typically made out of different materials, and the properties of the beads are said to have specific energetic effects.

The strand is 30-31 inches long with 108 smooth, round Yellow Jade beads. Each bead is 8mm in diameter. 

Also includes clearing and programming directions as prescribed by Marcel Vogel

Solar Plexus