Grey Agate Mala Bead Bracelet, 17-12mm Beads

Size: 17-12mm Beads
Energetic Properties: Wisdom • Manifestation • Joy • Sacral Chakra • Solar Plexus
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Grey Agate Mala Bracelet with 17-12mm beads
Fits 6-8" wrist

Increase your vibration with Chakra Malas.  The strand is 8 inches long with 17 round Grey Agate beads, each Bead is approx 12 mm in diameter.

Grey agate is considered as a grounding stone that brings a person into emotional, intellectual and physical balance. It is a great stone for stabilizing physical energy, brings both positive and negative energy in place. It is often used for bringing love and abundance, it will help you relieve stress and feel better. It is believed that this stone improves brain functions, perception, concentration, and persons analytical abilities.

On an emotional level, grey agate is considered as a stone with a deep connection to the past, home, and Earth. It is believed that fossils inside the stone give energy to this grey agate. It is used for boosting self-confidence, stability, bringing a person in emotional harmony, enhances personal and spiritual growth. This gemstone enhances mental functions, perception, helps the wearer to overcome negative emotions, trauma, bitterness, and anger.

A Mala is a string of beads is used to count mantras. Mala beads are an ancient tool that was developed to keep the mind focused on the practice of meditation. Mala beads are seen in other cultures and religions and are related to rosary beads and worry beads. Mala beads are typically made out of different materials, and the properties of the beads are said to have specific energetic effects.

Also includes clearing and programming directions as prescribed by Marcel Vogel

Solar Plexus