Rose Quartz Hexagram Pendant


Size: 1-1/2" x 1-1/4 x 1/2 Inches • 20 Grams
Energetic Properties: “Love Stone” • Heart Chakra • All Kinds of Love

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Natural Rose Quartz Hexagram Pendant
With Sterling Silver Chain

A blushing pink hexagram in natural Rose Quartz, a popular stone often called the "Love Stone”. Its energetic hallmark - unconditional love - opens the Heart Chakra to love of self and others. The sacred geometry of the hexagram, or Star of David, represents the interlocking of masculine and feminine, earth and sky in perfect harmony.

Rose Quartz may enhance every kind of love including self-love, romantic or platonic love, and family and friend love. Bringing in love enhances all aspects of life. It's also considered useful in easing the process of dying by bringing in the unconditional love of the Divine. Rose Quartz can also be useful in dreamwork and recall. 

This lovely Rose Quartz features a sublime, soft clarity. The pendant, cut in the sacred geometry of the hexagram, measures 1-1/2" in height, 1-1/4" in width and  1/2" in depth. Set in 990 silver. Weighs 20 grams or approx 100 carats. Will arrive packaged in a velvet bag and includes clearing and programming directions as described by Marcel Vogel.

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Rose Quartz