How to Dowse Using a Pendulum

Group of Dousers

Using a pendulum to dowse is an ancient form of channeling. A simple, easy method to connect with the spirit realm, dowsing can shift your mind to an alpha state and sharpen your focus.

Your pendulum works with vibrations and the movement of energy, which explains why a pendulum works as a tool to find water. A pendulum can assist in channeling beings from the higher realms, such as angels, guides, masters, and spiritual helpers.

Turquoise Pendulum

You can also channel the lower realms and connect to the lower energies, such as desires, emotions, earthbound spirits, and darker energies of the lower levels of consciousness.

The pendulum can be used to dowse your higher self, the energy of the soul, or the body energies. It can be a valuable tool in gaining insights into the mysteries of life; use it to assess almost all energies for yourself or with your client.

1  Clearing & Charging

It's important to start all crystal energy work with a clearing and charging practice.
We recommend using Marcel Vogel's "Forced Breath Method" for clearing and charging your healing crystals. Please see information and instructions on our Clearing and Charging page here continuing to Program your pendulum.

2  Programming

Begin programming your pendulum by deciding how you want the pendulum to communicate with you. Asking “yes” and “no” questions will provide clarity and effective guidance. You can assign the motions to match the answers that you prefer. Start by holding the pendulum in your fingers and create the pendulum’s movement to align with the answer you desire. 

Example: Spin the pendulum in a clockwise motion and say “This is the motion of a positive response or answer”. Add to that by spinning the pendulum in a counterclockwise motion and saying, “This is the motion of a negative response or answer” Instead of spinning motion, you can use “front to back” and “side to side” motions. You can program any motion that speaks to you as a clear method of messaging information.

Example Motions of Douser

Repeat the process until the pendulum motion repeats. If you follow this programming but don’t get the desired results, it could mean that your pendulum doesn’t want to be in service, the pendulum isn’t for you, or there’s a need for you to work on your raising intuitive skills before working with a pendulum.


You can also use a clockwise spin for chakra assessments. For example: Chakras moving in an even rotation are balanced, larger movements are overcharged, uneven movement indicates resistance, and no movement means blocks. Counter-clockwise spin with questions about chakras indicates that something needs to be cleared. Vibration without clear movement means waiting for an answer.

3  Testing the Pendulum

Now that you have programmed the pendulum, ask a series of questions that have known truths, such as; 
• My name is _________ (your name)
• I’m currently in _________ (your location)
• I’m wearing a ___________ (color of your shirt)


Then, ask a series of known non-truths in the same manner to ensure you receive the motion for the negative response, such as: 
• My eyes are blue (if they’re brown)  
• I’m right-handed (if you’re left-handed)
If the pendulum answers the questions correctly, the programming is complete. 

4  Working with the Pendulum

The more specific your questions, the better your results. For example, if you ask “Will the weather be good for camping on Saturday?”, you’re leaving a lot of room for error: Which Saturday? What is “good weather” for you? And where are you planning to camp? A more specific question would be: Will the weather be sunny/dry/warm/cool for a campout at the nearby state park this Saturday?

5  Compromise

Your pendulum can be compromised by negative energies, lower energies of the spirit realm, the vibrations of desire (from you or your client), and from asking the same question repeatedly seeking a different answer. It is best to be unattached to the outcome when working with a pendulum. In order to avoid any compromise, clear your pendulum often.

The pendulum will tell you about the compromise if you ask, since it is programmed for truth while always being susceptible to other energies through entrainment. You can call upon Archangel Michael to shield the energy while you ask the question if you feel there has been a compromise.

6  Good to Know

The programming you set up for your pendulum remains in place, even though you may clear the pendulum regularly. With time, you can develop the internal radar that tells you when there has been some type of interference. Working with the pendulum is an art form and can take years of practice to become a master.


The pendulum will tell you everything you, or your client, want to hear. The same thing happens with intuitive readers or psychics who tune into a vibration that happens to be the desire forming the basis of the question. 

It’s important for you to release any attachment to outcome, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, before using the pendulum.