"Inner Sanctum" by Heartistry (Digital Download)

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Total Time: 53:35

Relaxing and meditative soundbath with Crystal Singing Bowls and the Native American Flute. This inaugural CD has been recognized by many musical organizations for its uniquely beautiful and relaxing sound.

Soar on the sound vibrations of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls with Beckie Forsyth and travel on the wind of the Native American flutes with Gahana Bonnington on a soundbath journey to the "Inner Sanctum" of the soul.

"Inner Sanctum" is stress relieving music, the best background music for yoga, and calming music, perfect music for spas or any other calming space. Using the ancient wellness practice of soundbaths, Beckie and Gahana have combined to create a unique and beautiful sound.

Deep Roots 5:56
Sacral Waters 7:45
Shining Sol 6:43
Ancient Rhythm of Love 5:23
Mysterious Alchemy 7:27
Dare to Declare 6:55
Vision Quest 7:53
Constellations 7:32
Total Time: 55:35