"Water" Meditation Set to Heartistry's Sacral Waters - 9:21

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"Water" Meditation
With spoken meditation by Russell Forsyth
Set to Heartistry’s "Sacral Waters" from their album "Inner Sanctum"
Total Time 9:21

Water is the element that relates to emotion. All emotional cleansing from the past occurs through the Sacral. When the negative emotions from the past are purged from your system, desires and intimacy are expressed with balance.

This meditation immerses you in healing waters filled with rainbow light to magical sounds of Heartistry. Flow with the sounds as you connect to the vibration of healing relationships in a moment of reflection.

Sacral Chakra is an energy center dedicated to relationships and emotions. 

Russell Forsyth has dedicated his life to helping others heal from energetic imbalances. He created this meditative healing tool with the intention of helping you to help yourself. Russell's soothing voice, along with the magical sounds of Heartistry, will help guide you to a place of healing.

Heartistry is the duo of Beckie Forsyth on Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Carolyn (Gahana) Bonnington on Native American Flutes. The combination of these two hearts and the vibrational instruments they play will bring you into a deeply receptive state. 

Heartistry's Inner Sanctum, A Soundbath Journey Through the Chakras, is also available as a digital download or a CD.

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