Red Phantom Bracelet, 8mm Beads

Size: Fits 7-8" Wrist • 19 Beads • 8mm Polished Round
Energetic Properties: Root Chakra • Grounding • Protection • Creativity • Balance • Stability
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Red Phantom Quartz Bracelet

Each bead is unique on this string of Red Phantom Quartz that creates these beautiful bracelets.  

Altogether there are nineteen 8mm beads strung together on a red elastic band to create a bracelet that fits a 7-8" wrist.

The energetic signature of Red Phantom quartz aligns with the lower chakas, Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus bringing balance and stability to the aura. It's thought to be an effective stone to relieve stress, help with anger issues and boost to ones self esteem and courage to face difficult situations. It is used as a manifestation stone.  

Images are of actual product. Comes nicely packaged in a velvet bag.