River of Fire Meditation with Alchemy Singing Bowls Time 8:09

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River of Fire, Filling the Heart with Vibrant Energy
Spoken Meditation by Russell Forsyth
Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Beckie Forysyth
Time 8:09

The river is the focus of a meditation designed for spiritual and emotional cleansing. Open the Sacral Charka and partner with spiritual guides to release the pain of the past. You can set your inner child free while bathing in a river filled with the spectrum of light while listening to the soothing sounds of the Alchemy Crystal bowls. Water represents emotions and this meditation helps with the process of letting go of an imbalance, disharmony, or resistance to positive change. Using visuals of your heart opening to the en- ergy of love, transforms a single act of vulnerability into movement toward empowerment.

Russell and Beckie have collaborated in workshops for years, with Russell’s spoken meditation woven into Beckie’s amazing alchemy bowls. These meditations are their first effort in the recording studio and we are happy to make this offering. As with any process that involves the body, mind, and spirit, we highly recommend using meditations an intentional activity. Coming up with intentions can be a creative process that enhances the journey through the inner landscape of your imagination.

Using intentions to begin the mediation makes you the zen archer hitting your target. Intentions are important in that they represent your heart’s connection to the infinite wisdom of the Universe. The use of intention puts you in command of your natural ability to heal, which every person possesses. Using the meditations without intention can be fun, but for best results we recommend taking a moment to express your needs or desires. You can write them down for clarity, but intentions are best expressed through thoughts that enter the heart through breath. Take a moment to clear your mind and express your intent in a way that feels warm mint the heart. Cre- ate a visual that helps drop the intention into the heart.

The more creative your intentions, the better the results can be. You can use intentions to target a diagnosis or to compliment your current medical treatments. Studies have shown that energy balancing can enhance traditional healing protocols.

 Time 8:09

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