Siberian Gold Quartz Wand - 6 Facets, 4" (60-70g)


Size: 4 x 1 x 3/4 Inches
Energetic Properties: Solar Plexus & Crown Chakras • Emotional Balance • Clarity • Aura Clearing

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Siberian Gold Crystal Wand Generator
6 Facets • 4" • Approx 60-70 Grams

Richly colored Siberian Gold Quartz Crystal wand was hand cut into a "Vogel-inspired" (double-terminated) wand with 6 facets. Measures 4" and weighs approximately 60-70 grams of beautiful gold cultured quartz. This size is a great as a travel companion in pocket, purse or backpack.


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Siberian Gold Quartz (cultured Citrine) has an energetic signature very similar to high-grade natural Citrine. Siberian Gold opens and resonates with the third chakra, the Solar Plexus, by eliminating blockages and balancing the energies of your emotional center. In stimulating the Solar Plexus, it helps you respond more evenly and naturally to emotional triggers while increasing mental clarity and enhancing your creative thought processes. Like Citrine, Siberian Gold is excellent for clearing auras and helping to eliminate negative emotions.

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Siberian Gold Quartz is distinguished by its beautiful yellow-to-gold color spectrum, a result of adding elements such as iron and lithium during the creation process and displaying the clear natural quartz seed line. A “cultured quartz", Siberian Gold is developed using a technique that mimics nature. Using an autoclave, a container that creates the same high pressures and temperatures of nature, a natural seed crystal is added to fuel the crystal’s growth. Within most cultured crystals its natural clear quartz "seed line" is seen.  You will see this within these crystals.

Accompanied by a custom carrying case, $15 value. Images may be a representation