Vogel Crystal Star of David with Lemurian Clear Quartz -Small


Size: Setting 1-1/8 Inches Wide • Stone 7/8 x 1/2 Inches
Energetic Properties: All Chakras • Clarify & Align Intentions • Manifestation • Intuition
Handcrafted with Intention in USA

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Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendant
Lemurian Clear Quartz
Set in Sterling Silver Circle

Vogel Circle Star of David cut from sparkling and vibrant Lemurian Clear Quartz encircled by a substantial Argentium Sterling Silver setting to enhance the power and beauty of this optically-clear stone. 

Clear Quartz contains all the colors and energetic properties of all stones into one master crystal. Clear Quartz Crystal is often used as a universal healing stone that can connect to the energies of all chakras. Use it to activate and energize the key energy centers within the body.

Clear Quartz Crystal can be a powerful healing crystal that amplifies, balances and focuses thoughts and intentions. Very beneficial for healing, manifesting, meditation and channeling. It can help to open the mind and heart to receive guiding energies. Amplifies intentions and the energy as programmed. 

Argentium Sterling is high qualitiy and tarnish resistant.  The entire pendant and setting measures 1-1/8" wide, stone measures 7/8" and 1/2" deep and weighs 14 grams. Includes a Sterling Silver box chain of your choice. Intentionally handcrafted in USA.

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We carry only true Vogel Crystal Star of David Pendants cut by the highly skilled lapidary artist from Kings Crystals who aligns himself with the intentional cutting methods of Marcel Vogel. The Vogel Star of David healing crystal cut combines the magical crystal healing properties of the ancient Star of David symbol with the unique healing properties of Quartz Crystal. 

In his life’s work with light, reflection and refraction, Marcel Vogel discovered the unique properties of Quartz Crystal as a vehicle for cohering and amplifying energies and intentions. Learn more about Marcel Vogel and The Power of Healing Crystals and what makes a crystal a "Vogel Crystal". 

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