Cultured Amethyst Crystal Bracelet with Finely-Faceted Beads


Size: Fits 6"-7" Wrist
Energetic Properties: Third Eye Chakra • Intuition • Peace • Protection • Calming

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Amethyst Crystal Bracelet
128 Hand-Cut Facets

Sparkling cultured Amethyst bracelet comprised of 19 round beads of richly colored "cultured" Amethyst. Each 10mm bead is expertly cut with 128 facets. This bracelet glimmers and shines under the light and will magically adorn any arm with these shimmering crystals.

Amethyst is a calming and meditative healing crystal stone that works to enhance your intuition and psychic powers. It promotes peace, happiness and contentment and is an excellent protection stone against psychic attack, especially when used during spiritual work. Amethyst is a 6th chakra stone activating the Third eye and opening one to their intuition and connection to their higher self. 

Fits 6"-7" wrist.

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At Crystal Light and Sound we recommend Marcel Vogel's "Forced Breath" method of clearing and programming your crystal. With each pendant, you'll receive instructions on how to clear and program your crystal using this method. 






Third Eye