CRYSTAL CLEAR™ Luminous Technology

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CRYSTAL CLEAR™ Luminous Technology

CRYSTAL CLEAR™ Luminous Technology was created by scientist Kent Noonan in collaboration with Dan Willis and Elena Danaan. This compact device delivers a controlled 4096hz frequency which is used to clear all previous imprints from Clear Quartz crystal.

CRYSTAL CLEAR™ delivers the frequency through a transducer instead of a speaker bathing your crystal with a pure tone.  Unlike the variable tone emitted by a tuning fork, Crystal Clear creates a constant vibration to a tolerance of +/- .1024 hz for a superior tool the size of a key fob.

This amazing product creates an environment where lower vibrations cannot exist.  Once cleared, your crystal is receptive, vibrant and filled with it's natural core frequency.

The sound penetrates without touching the crystal and will vibrate out the lower frequency imprints from the lattice structure.

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