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Deepen Your Healing Journey
Learn How to Use Healing Crystals for as Effective Energy Healing Tools
Includes A 12-part Training Course 
A $149 value! 

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The Crystal Therapy Online Training Course includes of 12 online tutorial videos along with a detailed companion PDF file. The course covers essential topics on how to use crystal wands and other crystal healing tools as effective energy healing tools. 

When you add a superbly sculpted healing crystal to your collection of energy healing tools, you make an investment in your healing journey and your self-worth.

Now that you've invested in your lifetime's journey of healing, you deserve a deeper dive into how to get the most effective healing energy from your healing crystal... to serve your highest good, as well as those you serve, by learning the history, science, and details on how to clear, program and ignite your healing crystal to align with your intentions and desires. 

Specifically designed for 
- Those Seeking Spiritual Growth
- Anyone Who Wants to Perform an Accurate Energy Assessment
- Intuitive Readers
- Energy Healers
- Medical Intuitive and
- Modern Shamans.

Vogel Healing Crystal Wands Group

Topics covered in the Crystal Therapy Training Course include:
• Introduction to Crystals
• How Crystals Work
• Vogel Crystals
• Vogel Science
• Clearing, Programming and Charging (Igniting) A Healing Crystal
• Crystal Release
• Step-by-Step Crystal Release Process Part 1
• Step-by-Step Crystal Release Process Part 2
• Self Release
• Functional Integration
• Minds Eye Clearing
• Remote Healing

Our IEL Institute members typically pay $149 for this one online, self-paced training course. With your purchase of a Lawrence Stoller or true Vogel Healing Crystal Wand, it's yours for free!

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The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts

The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts Online Training Program is designed specifically for energy practitioners and healers as well as for individual study. 

Developed over a decade of private practice case studies, teaching live workshops, and the development of exercises designed to grow intuitive skills, the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts Curriculum is focused on teaching you easily accessible ways to awaken your gifts in addition to sharing a selection of metaphysical teachings from some of the greatest scientists and spiritual teachers of our times.  

"Every individual has the potential to experience an awakening that becomes a calling, taking them into a life of service with a strong desire to alleviate the suffering and hardships of others.

That's why we've created the most comprehensive intuitive training program and made it accessible to all who are interested in metaphysical or personal spiritual growth."
~Russell and Beckie Forsyth


*With purchase of any Lawrence Stoller Crystal Wand or authentic Vogel Crystal Wand