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How does a Custom Crystal Bed differ from others?
What are the "Multiple Modalities"?
How hard is the crystal bed to operate?
How can I use the crystal bed?
Is the Custom Crystal Bed available in other colors
What can I expect?

Specifications: Dimensions • Weight
Optional Upgrades: Table Size • Additional Crystals • Singing Bowls • Additional Meditations
 • Personal Training
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On the surface, a Custom Crystal Bed may look like an ordinary massage table, but, the real power behind this unique energy device is invisible, with emphasis on “Custom”.  Your new Custom Crystal Bed begins and ends with your specific written intentions and becomes the vibrational signature for your highly “customized” crystal bed energy device.

What is a Crystal Bed?

A crystal bed is an energy healing device that combines two key modalities and practices:

• Crystal Therapy

• Chromotherapy (Color Light Therapy)

What Makes the Custom Crystal Bed Different from All Others?

The key features that separate the Custom Crystal Bed from other comparable devices, creating a truly unique and powerful energy healing tool include:

All of the above modalities (Crystal Therapy and Chromotherapy), plus
• Magnetic Therapy

• Sound Vibration Therapy

• Infused intentions for optimizing effectiveness 

• Hidden trade secret that makes the table unique.

This combination of ancient and modern modalities creates a process of bathing a person in oscillating resonance that can return them to their original state of sovereignty. This combination creates the experience of a lifetime.

Custom Crystal Bed

The key difference is our approach to the design and building of each Custom Crystal Bed. We incorporate your specific intentions to create a vibrational profile, infusing the energy into every step of the process of building an effective, sophisticated healing device.

Custom Crystal Bed with Bowls
Custom Crystal Bed shown with Chromotherapy Device, Crystal Wand, and Crystal Singing Bowls

Multiple Modalities in One Powerful Device

The key difference is the reason for success"

The Custom Crystal Bed combines multiple healing modalities along with your personal intentions to customize your powerful energy device:

Crystal Therapy

Crystals enhance our natural ability to heal and transform energy by delivering the continuous power of low-dose natural radiation. We’ve incorporated Crystal Therapy into every Custom Crystal Bed by giving you the option of a Crystal Wand Generator or a Stargate Crystal Disc. 

Learn more about Crystal Therapy

Sometimes called "color light therapy", Chromotherapy is an ancient healing modality. When used properly, it can help to harness the energy to facilitate greater wellbeing. Light is composed of vibrational frequencies and studies have shown that colored light can have a positive effect on our mind, body, and spirit. Our Chromotherapy lighting controller includes a full spectrum LED light connected to a programmable lighting controller that is directed toward the person on the crystal bed. 

Find out more about the Custom Crystal Bed Chromotherapy Device

Magnetic Therapy

By increasing the flow of energies, magnets have been found to be effective in treating a variety of ailments and imbalances. Exposure to therapy magnets may help with blood circulation, strengthen bone structures, release pain and imbalances, and assists in bringing overall wellness to the human body. 
We offer a choice of permanently installed magnets or a removable magnetic pad.
We invite you to find out more about Magnetic Therapy and your options.

Sound Vibration Therapy
Sound Vibrations have been used for thousands of years to treat imbalances in the body, mind and spirit. Crystal Singing Bowls are used to entrain the body with resonant frequencies designed to bring balance and harmony. 

Learn more about Sound Vibration Therapy

Your Intentions

What do we mean by intentions? 
Your intentions are your heart's connection to your goals, defining the purpose you have for the use of your Custom Crystal Bed.
Some examples include
・Balancing chakras
・Bringing a client to their sovereignty, and
・Releasing blocks and trauma.
Your specific intentions are infused with every step of the building process and become the vibrational signature for your highly customized Custom Crystal Bed.

Our Trade Secret

Every Custom Crystal Bed we build contains an element that is not disclosed. It is our trade secret that sets our crystal beds apart from the rest. We dedicate over 40 hours to every Custom Crystal Bed, not only to build to your specifications, but to infuse the energy and personalized vibrations of your intentions during every step of the building process.

How Hard Is It to Learn & Operate?

Hint: Power & effectiveness don't have to be complicated

Custom Crystal Bed Features & Benefits
Handcrafted and Assembled in America

Easy to Operate
In less than thirty minutes, you can be operating the device. 
Each of our crystal beds includes
・An easy step-by-step installation and operations page

・An in-depth training program

・And personalized set-up instructions with a trainer.

Chromotherapy Quick-Start
Our Chromotherapy Lighting controller includes several pre-programmed options so you can put your new Custom Crystal Bed to use quickly and confidently.

Lapidary Excellence
Our fine-cut crystal wand generators are hand-cut with precision by the best lapidary artists in the world. We take pride in ensuring our crystal wand generators are of the highest quality.

Free Training
We have yet to find another crystal bed that includes free training guidance worth thousands of dollars. Imagine receiving a crystal bed with no instructions or reference material to help you understand the mystery of human energy systems!

The Custom Crystal Bed Therapy Training and Resource Guide

• took years to develop,
• offers easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, and
• includes videos, client studies, scientific explanations, and the history of each modality.

Service After the Sale

Each Custom Crystal Bed comes with a warranty and service after the sale. Our team is responsive to the needs of you, our customer, and is available to answer all questions.

Proven Track Record

Tested with thousands of clients, these crystal beds enjoy a proven track record of success. You’ll receive a new, totally customized energy device with a record of success.

Every Custom Crystal Bed includes a full One-Year Warranty* with a no-failure history.

How Can I Use a Custom Crystal Bed?

A Custom Crystal Bed delivers reliable and effective energy balancing that can address a range of issues. It can also help to enhance manifestation in one of the following areas:
・Chakra Energy Centers
・Energetic Blocks
・Past-life Energy
・Spirit Release
・Stress Reduction
・Polarity Issues
・Life-force Energy
・Thought Forms
・Energetic Aspects of PTSD
・Soul Attachments
・Soul Related Imbalance
・Soul Sickness
・Soul Retrieval
・Cord Cutting (cords of attachment)
・Residual Effect of Divorce & Separation
・Childhood Traumas
・And much more...

If you're a practitioner, your Custom Crystal Bed can be an effective tool to use on yourself:
Personal use is easy. Just program the crystal, turn on the lighting controller, and listen to any meditation included with the device. From simple chakra tuning to detailed channel clearing, the number of applications will amaze you!

Remote Energy
 for Remote Healing
You can expand your practice by using the remote process with your Custom Crystal Bed. Remote energy is the process of delivery to a person (or animal) who's not located in the same room.

Because we're all made of energy, a remote process can be facilitated with people in the same city or on the other side of the world. The most effective remote sessions use the Custom Crystal Bed at a scheduled time when your client is laying down, relaxed, open, and ready to receive the energy.

Discover more about Remote Healing using the Custom Crystal Bed

Is The Custom Crystal Bed Available in Other Colors?

Yes, additional colors are available. Please contact us for more information.

What Can I Expect When Using a Crystal Bed?

A session with a Custom Crystal Bed can offer you or your client a range of positive experiences such as:
Heightened physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences

An increased sense of clarity

Physical transformations, resolution of a physical disharmony

A release of negative emotions, toxins, or toxic energy 

Feeling like a new person, or like the body has been fine-tuned
Increased ability to love, forgive, trust, or speak your truth

Feeling like the nervous system has been re-booted

A calmness and the release of stress

Feeling cleansed from the inside

Feeling supported by the spiritual realm
Feeling lighter as if a burden has been lifted

Feeling altered or shifted with a floating sensation

Feeling the energy of love and light moving through the body

Remembering who you are and why you came here

Increased or instant manifestation

Out-of-body experiences


Load Capacity: 650 lbs
Table Weight: 34 pounds
Dimensions: 30” Wide X 73” Long X  25-35” High (adjustable)
3” Multi-layer Foam Pad
Full-length Piano Hinge
Carrying case, face rest and pillow
Hand-crafted with care in the USA, this table begins with high-quality materials including North American hard rock maple, American poplar, birch, and aircraft quality cables.

Take your customization to the next level

Increase Table Size Optional Upgrades
Choose a longer or wider size or both.
Upgrade to 33" Wide - $500
Upgrade to 36" Wide - $600
Upgrade to 78" Long - $500

Custom Crystal Bed Upgrade Options

Additional Wand Generator Optional Upgrade
Many of our practitioners choose to add another wand generator, either for the crystal bed or for hand-held healing sessions. 
Please see our selection of Crystal Wands Generators. As always, please contact us if you have questions about selecting an additional wand generator. Additional charges apply.

Crystal Singing Bowl Set Optional Upgrade
The sound of Crystal Singing Bowls create an energy flow through crystalline vibrations delivered within sound waves. Crystals act as an oscillator and transmitter of frequencies that bring calmness to relieve stress and restore the body.

Crystal Singing Bowl Set of 7
432 Hz Premium Frosted Crystal Singing 7-Bowl Chakra Set

Clearing energy channels, balancing meridians, and charging chakras are typically experienced while embracing the sound vibrations containing pure crystalline light.  Crystal Singing Bowl sounds and vibrations can help integrate and balance the Electromagnetic Field, also known as the "Aura”.

You can choose between our Premium Frosted 432 Hz 7-Bowl Sets or Premium Frosted 440 Hz 7-Bowl Sets. The 7-bowl sets includes one bowl aligned with each of the 7 chakras or notes of the major scale (C - B). You can also choose extended sets including 8-Bowl Sets, 12-Bowl Sets, and 13-Bowl Sets. Please contact us for more information. 

We also offer an extensive line of specially created Gemstone Bowls, including Aquamarine, Emerald, Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz. Please contact us to find out more about these special bowls. Custom Gemstone Bowls can also be created.
See all of our Singing Bowls, including Gemstone and Bronze Bowls. 

Additional Recorded Meditations Optional Upgrade

Custom Crystal Bed Meditations Compilation
Includes 10 additional timed recordings specifically synchronized to the Custom Crystal Bed Chromotherapy Device for hands-free use.

Each recording begins with a spoken meditation by Russell Forsyth, then follows with the vibrational healing sounds of seven different 432 Hz Crystal Singing Bowls. Designed to balance the energy centers (known as chakras), every recorded set features one minute, three minute, and five minute segments for each chakra.
See more about the Additional Recorded Meditations

Additional Personal Instruction Optional Upgrade
In addition to the extensive training course included with your purchase, you can add personal one-on-one training with Russell Forsyth, the inventor of the Custom Crystal Bed. Please call to schedule: 512-999-8478


Warranty, Shipping & Returns

Every Custom Crystal Bed includes a full One-Year Warranty* with a no-failure history.

Please note that we can't accept returns on customized items including Custom Crystal Beds, custom-cut crystal wands, & Custom Gemstone Infused Crystal Bowls.  

Shipping costs will be calculated based on location. $150 shipping deposit will be charged at time of purchase and any additional shipping cost incurred will be charged before shipping. Please note that custom order larger tables will add significantly to the cost of shipping due to size.

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